We deliver premium high-purity alcohol that is environmentally friendly and affordable, so you don’t have to compromise on quality, sustainability, or cost.

We work with various customers that serve a diverse set of industries. As a leader in innovation, our world-class distillation system utilizes the newest technologies, allowing us to produce products that will meet or exceed your unique specifications while upholding our world-class standards.


Natural fermentation process
from sustainable sources

Here’s why natural fermentation is better in plain English: it’s natural.

Ear of corn
At ClearSource, we are committed to sustainable alcohol production. We employ a yeast-based, organic fermentation process to organically consume sugars and produce alcohol. We use a natural fermentation process from sustainable sources.
Glass of water
Our ethanol is 200 proof anhydrous and (99.5 - 100% or 200 proof anhydrous) with the lowest impurity levels possible. ClearSource produces the purest ethanol commercially available anywhere in the world.
Quality is of utmost importance to us at ClearSource. Our in-house quality assurance team uses the latest technology and equipment available for testing. This enables us to produce the highest quality ethanol available consistently.

We are proud of the way we source and produce products.

Our customers can be proud to turn to us as their source too!
You can't separate our business from the agricultural community we partner within New York State. We work with over 300 New York State corn growers and process over 20 million bushels of corn annually. We are committed to supporting our community and are proud to purchase the majority of our corn from New York State farmers.
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