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ClearSource is a premier supplier of high-purity alcohol products, specializing in industrial and beverage grade alcohol using a natural fermentation process. Our world-class distillation system can produce ethanol products that contain virtually no impurities and no detectable organoleptic characteristics. We call our unique product a “true neutral spirit,” the purest ethanol product available globally.

Alcohol the right way goes beyond producing a great product. It’s about doing right by our customers, our employees, our region, and our planet.

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We work with various customers that serve a diverse set of industries. As a leader in innovation, our world-class distillation system utilizes the newest technologies, allowing us to produce products that will meet or exceed your unique specifications while upholding our world-class standards.

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Rooted in Western New York. Ready to Grow Worldwide.
It goes beyond producing a great product. It's about doing right by our customers, our employees, our region, and our planet. It means delivering a higher purity product and a lower carbon footprint. Promoting alcohol production that is as beneficial to our local economy as it is to our environment. That means we never take shortcuts. We're obsessed with continually perfecting our process, and we constantly keep our moral compass pointed North. Because delivering the highest grade alcohol isn't just about the purity of the end product. It's about doing right by everyone at every step of the way.