We are not cookie cutter.

Why We Exist

We believe in a more sustainable world.


How We Make It Happen

By producing things the right way: focusing on sustainability, integrity, and the local community.


What We Deliver

The highest-purity alcohol.



Guiding Principles

Put the Customer First

We are a customer-centric company. From our high quality products to our excellent customer service, our customers can depend on us and trust us to deliver each and every time. We are responsive, helpful, knowledgeable, and passionate about what we do.

Respect the Environment

Sustainability is a fundamental part of who we are as a company. We are always refining our naturally-derived, locally-sourced, hydro-powered alcohol production to create greater yields and lower energy consumption.

Inspire Innovation

We are not cookie cutter. We do what it takes to continue developing high grade purity alcohol that is better for the planet, even if it looks different from the industry norm. This requires us to think creatively about our processes, be flexible in our approach, and implement the latest technology — while inspiring our customers to do the same.

Support the Region

We take pride in supporting our area’s agriculture and contributing to our local economy. And no matter how big we get, we never want to lose the local personality.

Our People
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Our People

Our success is a direct reflection on the highly qualified people working at our facility. We employ over 60 residents from our local communities. We always hire individuals who share our vision and dedication to being the best.