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At ClearSource, we see our customers as an extension of our brand. Your success equals our success. Whether you are looking to increase your production, grow your operation, or hone in on your craft, ClearSource's world-class technology will give you a consistently high-quality product at a cost-effective rate. We allow our customers to focus on what they genuinely do best - creating unique craft spirits that make their brand stand out.

Distilled seven times and stripped of virtually all impurities, our grain neutral spirit (GNS)  will make the perfect base for your unique product that will never interfere with your spirits taste profile.

Grain neutral spirits (GNS), or neutral grain spirits (NGS), are tasteless and odorless. Our GNS is produced by fermenting and distilling #2 yellow dent corn. Distilled seven times, our high-proof GNS has no taste or smell and boasts no organoleptic characteristics. We remove virtually all impurities (less than 1 part per million), and because of this, we call our product a "true neutral spirit," giving our customers the purest high-proof alcohol available globally. The purity of our true neutral spirit will never impede the taste profile of your spirits, allowing you to deliver a superior taste profile.

We produce our grain neutral spirits using #2 yellow corn sourced across New York State. We use an organic and sustainable natural fermentation process, making it the perfect base for your spirit products. Our GNS is certified kosher, gluten-free, and free of GMO. Available in 190 or 200 proof.

Logistics options include tote, drum, rail car, tanker.

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